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Twelfth Night online celebration for 2022

Wishing everyone a wondrous Twelfthtide!

From Sunday January 9th we shared Twelfth Night 2022 Online! Although we missed being with you all on Bankside, we hope you enjoyed our digital festival celebrating 27 years of the Lions part's Twelfth Night Festival!

Happy Twelfthtide everyone. We miss you x To support us

#theLionspart #TwelfthNight #Twelfthtide #TN2022 #DigitalFestival

TWELFTH NIGHT Street Celebration 2022

It was with heavy hearts that Lions part have had to cancel the Twelfth Night street event on January 9th.

Overall, the potential obstacles for such a street free event at this time, as well as possible unwelcome outcomes of the day, are impossible to manage.

GOOD NEWS! We are already planning 'moving' Bankside/Borough festivities to spring (late April or May) and so creating a special Springtime 2022 event. Once upon a time we did have a May festival .so we have some good stuff to bring out onto the streets again!

May we wish you a Happy, Healthy New Year: do make a Wassail to yourselves, your families, your friends - and a tree near to you!

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the Lions part is a charity which survives on donations and one-off grants. Thanks to the Arts Council England Emergency Covid-19 Fund 2020, we were given a little bit of a breathing space for one year!
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