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Welcome to the home of the Lions part

For the latest news on Twelfth Night,
please keep an eye on our social media feeds and keep checking the website

The Lions Part publicity poster for Twelfth Night is available to view and download

October Plenty 2020 has happened!

Thank you to all those who joined our Virtual October Plenty Celebrations this year
and helped us Bring the Harvest Home in 2020.
If you still wish to see the Livestream or any of the workshops,
please email The LionsPart and a private link can be emailed to you.

We thank you for joining us

Our ‘live’ October Plenty was a raucous jamboree, celebrating harvest and the transition of the seasons. Our audience’s ability to bring their voice to the play is the key element on the day and this applies to our ‘Virtual Plenty’ in just the same way, in fact it is even more important.

Lift up your hearts, your voices and feet!

We enjoyed a week of workshops 19th-24th October

If you would like to see any of the workshops, please email The LionsPart for a private link.

  • Poetry to celebrate Harvest with Danny
  • Make a Corn Dolly with the Goddess Ceres
  • Celebrate Apple Day with the Goddess Pomona
  • Make a Harvest Hat with Callum
  • Folk Dancing with Kate and Peter
  • Learn to sing Harvest Home with Tam

Keep an eye on our facebook and twitter feeds, our Instagram Account, our Youtube Channel and this website for news.

October Plenty 2020

It was big, bold and bursting with life. We processed, we danced, we sang, we told stories. We hope you had a wonderful time bringing the harvest home. We thank you heartily for joining us virtually. We hope with all our Lions' hearts that we can continue to enjoy festivities together for many years to come!

Info about our Corn Queene on the October Plenty page

Make a Donation

the Lions part is a charity which survives on donations and one-off grants. Thanks to the Arts Council England Emergency Covid-19 Fund 2020, we have been given a little bit of a breathing space!
If you would like to make a donation Please click here

Thank you!!