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the Lions part

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the Lions part

Welcome to the home of the Lions part

Twelfth Night 2024

We wish to express our Heartfelt Thanks
to All who contributed
to our Twelfth Night festival this year.


All we do, we do as volunteers and without funding.
Please, however small it may be,
help us to keep this much loved traditional festival alive.

We hope to see you soon!

We regularly perform on the Bankside in our free theatre-based seasonal festivals which celebrate the seasons with games, old customs, music, dance, the Green Man in his various guises and performances of traditional plays.

Keep an eye on our facebook and twitter feeds, our Instagram Account, our Youtube Channel and this website for news.

Make a Donation

The Lions part is a small Charity whose core work centres on creating annual street theatre festivals that reignite connection with the seasons. We do this with theatre, music & visual creations. What singles out our Festivals is that we celebrate the seasons in an urban environment, bringing traditions alive for City dwellers that are more often fostered in the countryside. Patron Sir Mark Rylance,"I feel I always learn something about community and spirit and nature when I see the Lions part"

 If you would like to make a regular or a one-off donation towards our future work

Thank you!!