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We will be performing Yours Ever, Jane at the Stables Theatre
for the Hastings Theatre Festival on 4 July 2019

Available to book now for 2019

Yours ever, Jane

Jane Austen wrote long and descriptive letters to her beloved sister, Cassandra, with whom she shared everything. In fact after Jane's death Cassandra burnt many of the more intimate letters.

Through words, music and dance, Sarah Finch and Tamsin Lewis weave a dramatic tapestry from Jane Austen's life, letters and her novel Pride and Prejudice.

Get to know Jane Austen's sense of fun, her obsession with anonymity, her sharp observations, giving an insight into the life of her times. Meet all the principal characters in 'Pride and Prejudice' and let them come to life - from the pompous Reverend Collins to the infinitely flappable Mrs Bennett, the most noble Lady Catherine de Bourgh, as well as her heroine, Elizabeth.

Sarah played Jane Austen for the BBC adaptation of Fay Weldon's book Letters to Alice which was filmed in Jane Austen's house in Chawton, Hampshire.

The performance is in two halves: 45 mins & 25mins.

For more information contact Sarah Finch on:
07811 200 091, fax: 020 8674 1606