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The Arraygnment of Paris

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These videos were filmed at the performance in the Painted Hall in Greenwich. Being a historic property, the acoustics aren't ideally suited to filming, so please forgive the sound quality.

Entrance of the Queen

Clip 1: Entrance of the Queen

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As this masque is in honour of Elizabeth I, it is performed in her presence. After her entrance, one of the company tells us a little about the masque.

Ate plants the apple

Clip 2: Ate plants the apple

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Ate, goddess of discord, frightens away the happy nymphs of Ida and leaves the golden apple for the three goddesses to find.

The goddesses choose a judge

Clip 3: The goddesses choose a judge

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Unable to decide which of them is the fairest, Juno, Pallas and Venus appoint the shepherd Paris to make the decision.

Juno's dancing tree

Clip 4: Juno's dancing tree

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Juno bribes Paris with a golden tree, represented by masqued dancers. Dance and music was an intergral part of the Elizabethan masque.

Helen's song

Clip 5: Helen's song

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Venus bribes Paris with a vision of Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world, singing beguilingly.

The trial is called

Clip 6: The trial is called

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Apollo calls upon Paris to plead his case.

Apollo's verdict

Clip 7: Apollo's verdict

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Apollo rules that Diana should be the one to bestow the apple.

Diana's decision

Clip 8: Diana's decision

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With much flattery, Diana judges the Queen to be the only person worthy of the apple.

Final song

Clip 9: Final song

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After Diana bestows the apple on the Queen, the audience join the masquers in a final song in her honour.

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