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the Lions part

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the Lions part

Welcome to the home of the Lions part

Our next event Ballad of St George and the Dragon April 21 - 23


the Lions part is an eclectic company of like-minded professional performers who collaborate to create seasonal festivals, plays and theatre pieces that transform public and community spaces as well as traditional theatres with a fusion of stories, playtexts, music, customs and heritage.

the Lions part also gives artistic and administrative support to company members in other projects: from all kinds of performance to music composition, as well as design and costume creation using classical texts and living history as both an inspiration and a resource.

The links to the left describe our current and past performances. The links above tell you more about us and what we do.

Donations for our festivals

We are raising money now for our next festival in the Borough Market! Many of you sent questionnaires back to us and said that you would be willing to pay for our festivals if you could buy tickets. We do not sell tickets but you can donate. Click through to the Charities Aid Foundation page here and make a donation. That way you will ensure a sustainable future for the Lions part. Just think of it as buying a ticket or buying a stake in the festival which will remain free at the point of contact.

Thank you!!